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Arts of Love

Welcome to Blue Sun Romance Arts of Love and Photography

Text Box:      Enhancing Relationship Growth through PhotoArts, Cinema, Theater, Literature, and Mutual Enjoyment.

Blue Sun Romance Arts of Love - Great Romantic Photographysection is a wonderful place to inspire Relationship Enhancement.  Within this page you will find Great examples of Love and the Portrait Arts, with amazing displays of romantic and timeless Love photographed from the hearts of modern desire, and, by the most experienced photographers in the world.  Photographer’s bios and more of each artist’s works can be found in the links provided, or on any search engine of your choice.

Just type in their names and get more, mucho, mucho Amore’!

Love through the Ages has been a constant endeavor of endless Romantic Pursuit.  We are no different today than the spirited Romantics were a thousand years ago.  Men love Women.  And Women long for their Men.  The antics, tribulations, and tragedies we endure as humans for anything connected to Love, is always a wonderful spectacle – and always will be.  But today, we can use cameras!

Keeping the Flames of Youth in the Hearts of Old is the ultimate goal of dedicated Lovers.  Each partner understands the joys and efforts that go into pleasing a mate.  When you work hard to magnify surprises for your Lover, many rewards spring forth in the forms of appreciation, tenderness, and memory.  Try a photo date in your favorite park or the Zoo.  When you go out of your way to show kindness and love to your spouse or ‘significant other’, it won’t go unnoticed. 

Blue Sun Romance hopes to convey to you our love for these Arts with a few of the more deserving mentions in each of the disciplines we cover.  To accompany your ‘Partner’ through even the most delightful of the Sensual Arts, Books or Photographic displays, is a treat always enjoyed in the heart.  We may find the lines of a pictured, bare breasted siren or Herculean male as alluring as the real men or woman we love, but the magnificence and sensuous beauty of these timeless photos are what keep us returning for more.

So May Your Fancy Be…  Photography, Great Art, Movies, Dance, Sculpture, Poetry, Writing, or Music, we hope you find a touch of Romance in our Photography section that will woo and coo you into the arms of any Lover you want.  When we pursue great Love, it doesn’t come easy and it’s even harder to keep.  However, once you have found the man or woman whom you want to please for a long time to come, then you need every tool in your arsenal to win that person’s heart, energy, spirit, compassion, and love. 

Blue Sun Romance (and we’ll bet Cupid as well) surely hopes to get you there!

Browse a complete Spectrum of Sensuous Photography at

ObsessionArt is a UK based company established to offer a safe and secure place to browse and buy the finest erotic art and photography on the web.

This site has been created as a labor of love, an obsession if you will. We created it to provide a service that, in our opinion, doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.  You’ll view Male, Female, and Couples orientations.  You can choose differing Artistic Styles, Anatomy, Attire, and Cultural affinities.  Each artist comes with a complete Bio, and many of their works have been displayed in museums throughout the world.

There is a growing demand for high quality, sensuous prints and original art, yet the Internet remains a bewildering array of qualities and standards. Our purpose is to offer the best range of the most challenging images, unparalleled print quality, delivered through a sophisticated and secure shopping experience from a brand you can trust.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ObsessionArt.  Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the site and find your joys and search for your own obsessions.

ObsessionArt has placed a Content Filter on this site to ensure you don’t see something inappropriate, due either to your age or personal tastes. We won’t presume to know what those are, but we do want to offer you a choice.

Text Box:  High quality open and limited edition prints, originals and books…

The online prints industry has boomed over recent years, with ever more people wanting to buy art online. It's fair to say, however, that there can be a gulf in print and general product quality.”

Click on the links above to find out more ...

Couple on beachFeatured Photographers from ObsessionArt:

  1.  Jim Young                                      
  2.  Mike Crawley
  3.  Stephen Perry
  4.  Sean McCall
  5.  Nic Marchant
  6.  Mick Payton
  7.  China Hamilton
  8.  Lochai
  9. The Mofo
  10. Igor Amelkovich
  11. Igor Vasiliadis
  12. Elena Vasilieva
  13. Marty Provost
  14. Martin Toyé
  15. Steven Cook
  16. Ben Marcato
  17. Roger Jazilek
  18. Nad Iksodas

    …With More Classic Photographers there to explore ...

    Blue Sun Romance found other great Photographers at:


    Beautiful womanOf course, there are many excellent Photographers and Photo Artistic examples that comprise the varied disciplines of the Sensuous Arts.  Let your imagination and your desire prompt you to explore the best of these exhibits.  Through the resources we’ve mentioned in our “Arts of Love” highlights, be sure to include your Lover in your journey here and compare, imitate, or create your own aspects of passionate, artistic Love.

    Good Luck and Have a Wonderful, Artistic Romance!


    Blue Sun Romance came across a fantastic location for Romantic and Sensuous Poster Photography.  There are thousands of other beautiful, enticing works here, from travel to inspirational, more than enough to draw out your most Passionate and Intimate views.  But let’s first get started at: and go from there!

    Thrive in the Beauty of our Loving Human Experience!


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