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Romantic Fitness

Beach coupleWelcome to Blue Sun Romance’s Dedication To …ROMANTIC FITNESS!

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, tall or short, paunch, portly, or petite. You can be wealthier than most or just happy living without being extreme! You can thrive on adventure, or simply love the safety and privacy of your very own home. But one thing is absolutely certain:

Romantic Fitness Is For Everyone!
It’s a complete Lifestyle!
It’s what this entire Website is all about.

Romantic Fitness – covers viewpoints that will refine and inspire a new and thriving outlook toward your passionate bonds. Our ponderings will not merely focus nor limit themselves to the singular aspect of ‘physical’ fitness. We will examine six different lifestyle considerations – adding a diverse, yet genuine peek into your relationship’s potential. We will suggest reasonable goals to help you become a more satisfying, capable Romantic. These key points will include:

PHYSICAL FITNESS – If you improve general stamina, you improve Intimate Prowess.
MENTAL FITNESS Engaging in work, school, and friends keeps a vibrant, active mind.
EMOTIONAL FITNESS Is it really better to have loved and lost? We’ll work on this.
FINANCIAL FITNESS - Money hurts. No money hurts even more. Let’s improve things!
CONDITIONAL FITNESS Even if every piece is there, are we still a picture of charm?
PASSIONATE FITNESSA kiss is a kiss is a kiss. But, maybe not. Are you great at it?

Let’s build upon your already solid relationship foundations. We will encourage you to define what Romantic Fitness really is and help you move toward a greater intimacy, togetherness, and love in your life. So, hang on, here we go!



You make me want to be a better man.
-- Jack Nicholson, "As Good As It Gets"

Getting into shape and staying fit is of National Interest. Every moment of every day, people from different walks of life, and quite often for the very first time, enter stylish, functionally adequate fitness centers and start healing tired bodies, boosting immunities, and working injury recovery needs.

And how many of these enthusiasts discover after beginning a decent physical exercise schedule - and sticking to it (the hardest part of any exercise plan) - that they really appreciate the way they start to look and feel? People usually undertake workouts to improve their health, but they also want to feel good about their appearance in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Most of us want to be desirable and energetic for our romantic partners. Most of us in truly intimate relationships already maintain some degree of foundational fitness for each other. Or, if we don’t have a fitness plan, maybe we just want to tone up a little in case we go on vacation to some coastal paradise.

Kiss me. Kiss me as if it were the last time.
-- Casablanca

Either way, being completely, romantically fit for the one we love is like being inside a ‘First Date Mentality’ all the time. We want to look great and do our best for our Significant Other. We want all our experiences with them to be memorable and filled with desire and enchantment, over and over again.

You will enjoy becoming a Lover with stamina, strength, and complete Romantic awareness.  Therefore, step one begins with the physical!

We suggest taking on your conditioning ideas a little at a time. Tone yourself up with steady progress before going nuts with heavier weights. And though finding the time to get to a gym can be really challenging for some, there are many prominent fitness centers that can help schedule times more appropriate to attaining your goals. They can provide certified trainers, interesting classes, and dietary and motivational suggestions as well.

But an expensive membership or tons of equipment to get you started is not always needed. Begin with simple walks. Get a bicycle and pedal around your neighborhood. Take a hike on a local, scenic trail. Play catch with the dog. Walk up and down the stairs five times. Then do it again the next day, and the next, and the next. Start by Starting. The first leg of your total romantic fitness journey begins any day you want it to. Why not start this afternoon? Start when the sun is low and the breezes are cool. Set a timeline and make it your job!

Below, we identify some fitness resources with interesting topics that may suit your needs. Remember, a mild, feasible exercise regimen starts with at least a fledgling commitment – you don’t have to tackle the whole world in one day. You’ll find some good ideas here to help you set a workable game plan in motion.

Enjoy browsing the many different paths to becoming wonderfully fit, and deliciously, insatiably romantic.

1.'s Main Page - The Largest And Most Complete Site's Main Page - The largest and most complete bodybuilding site online!

2. No Bull Bodybuilding by Marc David - “The No Bull Bodybuilding e-Book is the perfect companion for anyone new to bodybuilding and fitness. It is written and illustrated in a non-intimidating way.

3. Curves Health Clubs and Fitness Centers for Women - A Curves 30 minute fitness center is a woman's gym that provides a total body workout. With both aerobic exercise for weight loss and strength training.

4. Find Local Gyms, Health Clubs & Fitness Centers - Search over 20,000 gyms across the country. Get guest passes and special promotions at gyms and health clubs near you.

Think Yoga won’t bust your tail in a workout? We submit that you’ll love supporting your own weight while being twisted up like a pretzel. Most gyms offer Yoga classes to increase physical stamina and flexibility. Yoga improves your body’s dynamics, circulation, and muscular endurance. Not to mention how wrapped up you’ll love getting with each other later.

5. 1001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom - 1001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom: This chunky, richly colorful volume takes yoga "beyond the mat" to reveal classic yogic Wisdom pertaining to the mind, emotions, spirit, and of course, the body.

Think, get up, walk, run, push, pull, lift, build, develop, sustain!

You can achieve anything you set your mind to do…
And your Body will obey!


MENTAL FITNESS for Romantics

"I love her and that's the beginning of everything."
-- F. Scott Fitzgerald

What does being Mentally Fit mean to you? Do you have motivational exercises, chants, or mantras to eliminate stress and pressure from your life at a moment’s notice? To become mentally fit, do you trust your friends, your intuition, or even something you hear that sounds just right? When worry seeps into your subconscious, can you ask yourself two things: Are you responsible for the problem? And two, do you have any control in fixing it (or leaving it alone) whether you’re responsible or not?

Stress and worry can affect both our inner and outer well being. Although emotions can play a big part in our overall mental fitness, we will stick to the more traditional aspects of the mental element and talk about emotions in the following section. We have to recognize tension when it comes to us; feel when we’re getting upset and then displace it with some memory of a positive affirmation from our past. Remember the mountains you’ve conquered. The relationships you enjoyed. Remember that human beings can feel loved and invigorated any time they choose.

But you have to be flexible in this concept. When you can switch how nervous or estranged you become in a difficult situation to the empowering belief that you can change most situations for the better, then you’re on a clearer path toward an increased focus and a quicker resolve toward a happier end.

If you are lost, lonely, or concerned that starting a new career or relationship is going to be a disaster - before you even get into it - then stop! You need to change your ‘State of Thinking’ from one of tension, weakness, or suspicion to one where you picture yourself grateful for your (new) opportunities, capable of standing up to any pressure, and eager to rely on your experience or other people’s talents as well. Be ‘Okay’ with things for a change. Never use the word ‘Hate’ again in anything you say. Your positive approach to all things old or new will radiate throughout your being.

"My heart is ever at your service."
-- William Shakespeare

A simple anti-stress exercise comes from the Anthony Robbins seminars – Change your ‘state’ from one of stress and tension to one without. How fast can this change take place you may ask; days, weeks, months, or even longer? No. It only takes an instant. That’s right; in the beat of a heart you can change your state from being nervous or timid, to a state of strength, confidence, and courage.

It works like this, the next time you’re getting uptight over a limiting belief, it’s probably because you are piling up negative memories related to that belief, (I can’t do that…, because… because maybe I never could, because of a thousand reasons I let flood into my head, because of whatever…). To change this state you must first stop yourself from going down that negative path! Don’t get anxious, as Mr. Robbins explains, the next thing you’ll do is ‘Stack’ positive feelings from your past into your mind. The euphoria of getting a great raise because you asked for it. The pride you get remembering your child’s graduation. The calming sense of accomplishment you received after passing that difficult certification. Or, you remember how nice it was to finally pay off your beautiful new car. Anything!

How does it feel when you bring up fond memories or remember great events you’ve experienced in your life? Don’t you feel strong, youthful, and competent? Sure, and when you do this little exercise, you change your entire body chemistry, posture, and outlook by retrieving those great, victorious thoughts. Now you can use this approach to tell yourself, ‘I can do that,’ or think, ‘Wow, other people do this all the time and they don’t have any trouble – I should be able do it too!’ Try this process a few times and watch how things begin to transform in your world.

Examine these sites for a clearer path toward a Positive, Romantic outlook. Savor the new challenges in your life and By all means … Have a good time!

1. Anthony Robbins Companies - Learn how ‘Unleash the Power Within’ will teach you to achieve your dreams and change your life. Follow along with Robbins as he takes participants and helps them face personal challenges. Click here to see a current listing for upcoming Tony Robbins events.

2. How to Be Mentally Strong | - How to Be Mentally Strong. There are many benefits to being mentally strong. Learn the easiest ways to have peace and strength again in your life.

3. Learn why being Mentally fit is so important - Mental Fitness is much more important than Physical fitness but many people focus only on Physical Fitness. We need to weed out the junk in our heads and progress from there.

When we ask our friends for advice, we are connecting to each other out of friendship, and usually, we listen to what they suggest. Sometimes they ask us for help and we comply, hoping we can push a few assurances their way as well. When we accomplish a project at work, we are contributing to a bigger part of something we belong to, and our sense of fulfillment is satisfied to some degree. When we finish a course at school, we are growing inside and our spirit thrives. All these aspects of good mental fitness help us throughout our lives. Not giving up, not giving in to temptations that will hurt our futures, and not letting stress into our daily routines, helps us to move forward and live.

Doing your Best asks very little of you,
Usually just a call to action.

Recovering from your Worst however,
Asks much, much more!
-- B.T. Dormire



"We all want to fall in love. Why? Because that experience makes us feel completely alive. Where every sense is heightened, every emotion is magnified, our everyday reality is shattered and we are flying into the heavens. It may only last a moment, an hour, an afternoon. But that doesn't diminish its value. Because we are left with memories that we treasure for the rest of our lives."
-- Unknown

Text Box:  You are now deeply in Love with each other. You feel connected through mutual intimacy, and your full, determined edicts of responsibility, kindness, and understanding move you happily forward every day. But even as these pale in comparison to the actual longing you have in your hearts for each other, there may still be hurdles to cross.

Do both of you share an intensity for Love? Or, is there work to do between you to strengthen things up a bit? Let’s dive in to a few discussions to see where we stand.

There are a thousand reasons to enhance your love with someone, with a thousand ways to get there for each and every one. However, there are a thousand excuses why we don’t take those extra steps, why we don’t get off the couch and pay attention. Our goal at BSR is to help you find and keep a greater, total happiness in your life, regardless of your present state of circumstances, regardless of how slighted or wronged you have been in your past.

We will examine a few principles that deal with compassion and patience among other thoughts, and we will learn to draw upon their messages in our daily routines. Remembering to hold back harsh words or even stave off angry thoughts toward people we feel could do better, are facets of relationship enhancement easier to practice than most people think. People can and do thrive on positive affirmations.

Telling your Sweetheart that you love him or her ‘Huge’, or that he or she is absolutely beautiful to you doesn’t cost a thing, but it sure pays out in dividends at the end of the day. Often, by simply listening to our inner voice we might hear, “Wait, let her finish,” and we allow our partner to vent or even scream about their frustrations at work, or with family, or even us! This can be a healthy therapy to any kind of relationship. Just being an honest, trusted comfort to them can make all the difference in the world.

Okay, that’s sweet. But what if you have some serious issues with anger or even loathing in a relationship? Maybe it’s time to try a different approach. Clinical help with Marriage Counseling, psychoanalysis, or even jail are some of the culturally adapted methods used in today’s society to curb the spread of emotional or physical harm - even divorce. We can do better for those we love very much.

What if we don’t know we have a problem? Most people of Emotional Balance can be tied to how they look inside themselves for returning to ‘Normal’ after a crisis. Aligning the specific steps for self-recovery comes in different phases, of course, always noting that ‘Balance’ is the key idea here. We can be toppled over in an instant if we’re susceptible to unnecessary drama.

, we have to realize that certain actions or behavior in our life are possibly amiss.

, we have to learn to recognize when the symptoms are repeating because when they do, they leave us feeling guilty, doubtful, or even lost.

, we need to have some tools to switch our behavior apart from what’s setting off our trouble (see below).

, we need to act in conjunction with these tools to overcome our limiting conditions and move on to a happier, more tolerant state of being.

Take Action Toward a Peaceful Domain.

Use These Basic Tools for Gaining Emotional Fitness.

1. Anthony Robbins Companies - Emotional Harmony - True success in life requires that you embody emotional balance. Just like with physical fitness, you need a disciplined regimen to achieve Emotional Permanence.

2. 1001 Pearls of Wisdom (9780811851145): David Ross: Books - Proving good things come in small packages, 1001 Pearls of Wisdom is an enlightening treatise on emotional and spiritual balance.

3. The Love Foundation Home - The Love Foundation is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization with the mission of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Established in 2000, Unconditional Love is about Self Acceptance and Embracing All Life - Find Out How!

4. Self help, Personal Focus, Training from Uncommon Knowledge - Self Confidence Trainer · Articles: Psychology, Self Improvement and Self Help · 9 basic needs for emotional health · Emotional intelligence.

5. Online Self-Help For Emotional Stress - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Depression, anxiety and stress: All the aspects and advantages of the latest and best treatment and prevention.

6. Self Improvement from - Self Improvement Freebies; Live Interactive Chat; Self Help Discussion Board, Love & Relationships. Dirty Talk In Your Marriage -

7. Check Out Anthony Robbins - Ultimate Relationship Program - Discover The 10 Steps to Create, Transform, and Celebrate the Greatest Gift of Life.



“By increasing financial literacy and removing financial burden,
one’s whole quality of life improves.”
-- Keynote Speaker, Networks Financial Institute

Well, who doesn’t know that? Anyone can figure that if you’re being hounded by collectors or worried sick because there’s too much month left at the end of the money that something has got to give! When it comes to wishing you had saved a little more each check, or worked a little harder for that promotion you missed last time around, how are you going to feel when your Romantic Partner wants to go out for a nice dinner someplace quiet and intimate and you have to refuse? How is your love life going to flourish if your frustrations are ruling your world instead of you taking control of your ability to save a little more each month and build some financial security?

Avoid Resentment: To avoid resentment about money with your partner, be more open and honest about your finances. People are afraid to disclose to each other that the accounts may be drying up. They are hard-pressed to admit that expenses have gotten out of hand. So they carry the load by themselves. Nobody shares the monthly burden of negative financial information – nobody talks about money when things are tight! But it’s a Lion that always needs to be fed. Who is going to jump into the lair first?

Text Box:  Communicate About Your Money: One fix in avoiding resentment begins with communication. When your spouse rages about where all the money has gone, be able to show which bills you covered, or which ones you had to juggle to stretch to the next payday. Maybe the car broke down this month; maybe the children needed extra supplies for a school project, maybe the dog got hurt. Anything can pop up and thwart an otherwise decent bank balance into one that causes brooding and worry. When romantic couples begin to settle into a more familiar existence with each other, keeping an honest, up front perspective about combined accounts can be a liberating thing. No one says you can’t have separate accounts for savings, bills, or emergencies, but talk about these with each other and grow!

Financial Will Power: Indeed, this can mean many things to many people. But ultimately it centers on the internal strength you need to control your financial behavior. Do you have the courage to be honest with yourself about the state of your finances? Are you capable of saving money for a rainy day? And though ‘experts’ mention this all the time, do we actually have 2 to 3 months worth of Emergency funds stashed away to use in a crisis? It’s nice to have, but most of us don’t. But that’s okay. We can always work toward making positive gains by sticking with the steps necessary to meet financial goals.

Discipline Yourself to Make It Work: To be Financially Fit and up for suggestions of romance and play, it’s a given that having a monetary comfort zone can be a huge relief. But what if you don’t have a nice savings established? Most of us live paycheck to paycheck. How is this going to help us if we don’t have the disposable income to acquire what we want? Well, start a doable financial plan between the two of you and stick to it. Work on the amounts each of you can put toward your relationship success. Planning and saving a little each payday can quickly build you a nice, comfortable kitty.

Make Plans With Each Other: Do you remember the little things that kept you together as a loving couple when you first started out? Remember the dreams you shared and what it meant to fulfill them. Keeping romance in the leanest of times can be as simple as feeding a little slush fund for vacations, new wheels, annual celebrations, or even having a child or two! Plan to do things together. It’s okay to do a family vacation once a year, but it is so much more important to splurge a little on each other as well.

Take Time for Yourselves: Regain your romantic intimacy and mutual love again. Go to Mexico for a passionate, wintry retreat together (don’t forget to visit BSR’s great page on Intimate Getaways). Or, taking a long weekend to visit an old historic town and stay at some sleepy Bed & Breakfast can be happily inexpensive and unforgettable. Just plan ahead for these events and your romantic gratitude for each other will abound.

Financial Fitness for Romantics…
Takes Time, Work, Patience and Discipline.

1. Improving Financial Literacy and Reshaping Financial Behavior -
Select highlights of the keynote addresses at the Improving Financial Literacy and Reshaping Financial Behavior conference.

2. Financial Fitness - Financial Literacy Training, getting out of Debt Financial Fitness will work with you and your organization to provide a Health and Wealth solution particular to your situation.

3. Anthony Robbins - Wealth Mastery - Tony Robbins' technologies have been instrumental for me in making revolutionary changes in my life. Designed by Anthony Robbins, Wealth Mastery can show you how to regain a financial footing that lasts.

4. NisaWebDesigns Hawaii Web & Graphic Designer - Building Financial Strengths. NisaWebDesigns steers you toward financial resources and marketing solutions. Law of Attraction.



"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage."
-- Lao Tzu

Okay, your body is in great shape. That physical temple that houses your life, your spirit, and your emotional well-being is running at peak efficiency. And you have a good head on your shoulders for decisions and judgment; you take a summary of your days and look forward to an always brighter, healthier future. Next, you find yourself in love and now you appreciate a thousand different things in your immediate world. Even your bank account has swelled and you have prospered from diligent persistence at work. All these things maintain your overall vigor, but there are a couple of more items yet to consider on your path to Total Romantic Fitness.

What is ‘Conditional Fitness and how can such a thing be considered romantic? To answer the first part in a nutshell, we’ll examine a few properties of what it takes for simply being descent to people. To answer the second part, we’ll list a few activities that can tie it all together for you.

take on a specific emphasis with each other at the start of any relationship. We coddle our partners and cater to each other at any cost. But over time as we become more familiar with our separate moods, likes, or dislikes, we start to see the restrained demeanor of our mates rise to the surface. Eventually we detect the ‘Real’ human inside each other and things may or may not be as rosy as they once appeared. Negative changes can sweep away love unless we are prepared with compassion, patience, and unending faith in the love of our mate.

This ancient axiom asks if a genuine ‘Sense of Otherness’ guides your overall personality? Do your subconscious deeds influence and uplift those around you without you even knowing it? Do you think of other people when you consider your actions in public, good or bad? How is your sense of timing when making up after the damaging effects of your words? Do you realize that huggy-dovey gestures or even careless sexual advances may be the worst emotional approach you can pursue? Your partner may not want to even see you, let alone make love 5 minutes after a disparaging insult. Some people just don’t make up that fast. Think about your interaction with others in the world.

Remember, we’re all doing the best we can, so be generous with compliments, patience, and smiles.

Golden Gate CHIVALRY. Are you chivalrous with those around you? Do you let others save face, even if you know they are dead wrong? Are you a Gentleman when it calls for laying your coat down in a puddle or, a Lady when a ‘Thank You’ to him for that act is deserved? Do you allow for timely, mutual interaction during your conversations, especially the exciting ones or even your delicate or serious dialogue? Intimate communication is vital for us to thrive as humans. Showing interest and listening, and adding your own welcomed inputs to a great discussion is a formula for lasting friendship. There’s never anything wrong with an even say-so between Romantic Partners.

EMPATHY. Are you considerate to each other’s physical needs? Can you tell when your Lover is in the mood for passion, or when he or she needs a good night’s sleep instead? On occasion, certain patterns may begin to surface that we get tired of hearing or feeling and then friction can set in. After a while, a relationship can get predictable, even routine. This is when imagination and reinvention can spark new undertakings and intimacy within your romantic love for each other can rise again.

Feel free to use the suggestions we mention throughout this site to spin up new ways to ‘Do’ I Love You with your Honey!

Empathy Mastered For Men: Because of everything she does, recognize her fatigue in the late evening hours. She tires from her job, the kids, shopping, cooking, and cleaning to name a few. Avoid straining her further by pouting or sharing open complaints when she says that she would rather wait to make love until she wasn’t so tired. You know she always starts shutting down when it’s time for bed and it gets really late. Just cuddle up to her and coax her off to sleep, maybe hum to her a sweet melody. She’ll love you for that alone. If you catch her earlier in the night, maybe a nice oiled foot massage would do to relax her, knowing there doesn’t have to be any sex involved – unless she brings it up (which she might if you learn a good foot rub). She’ll remember you for your patience in this much longer than just another romp during the week.

Empathy Mastered For Women: Remember that quite often a man needs to settle down from his day with a good session of passionate, physical Love! Not all the time, but as a fair rule of measure. Use inventive locations and your great lover’s imagination to help enhance his attention toward your satisfaction as well. If you can read him like a book and feel, ‘Oh no, he wants sex again!’ Then read him like a good book and absorb his hints, innuendos, compliments, overtures, efforts to help around the house, cooking you a fabulous dinner AND cleaning it up as his way of saying “Wow, Sweetie, making love with you tonight would be really, really nice!” Recognize these things and then slip into his shower for a surprise body wash. Slide in next to him totally naked during the early morning hours. Getting in tune with him is always a good thing. Like keeping a great piano in tune, neglecting it is just a waste of its beauty and power.

Communicate with him about setting a better time for intimacy and try not to let him down if circumstances permit. Remember, Love is not to be turned into some sort of burdening, egregious chore. It is meant for us to share and enjoy.

“Be Excellent to Each Other!”
Quoted from the character, Abe Lincoln,
in the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!

The Lover’s Compromise: Making love at a more optimal period of the day may be an answer to battling fatigue. Do your exercises in the morning before work in your sheerest, silkiest sleepwear – it’s a sure turn-on especially if you brush up against him once in a while, and slip up to each other a make-out here or there. That can start some moves. Why not set a day or two for passion in the mornings instead? Try using this time for a morning boost with brushed teeth, hot vibes, and plenty of physical ‘teamwork’. Plan for it and connect through your mutual anticipations. (Who goes to work in the morning and thinks, Wow, we just made some incredible love together?) Not many, we’d bet, but they should be thinking things like this, and much more often than not. What about late afternoons before the house starts filling up with dinner and kid’s homework and dishes? What about a ‘Date night’ each week for just the two of you. Regularly dedicating yourselves to intimacy and romance is something everyone enjoys. Talking about love and better timelines, and accepting the needs and ideas of your partner inspires selflessness and enhances your passion and heart together!

FOLLOW THROUGH. Do you dream up vacation plans and set big goals – and then attain them? If you say you’re going to do something, do you try your best to fulfill it? That is Outstanding. Positive Action means more here than spewing out a bunch of hopes and promises. Human nature tends to shy from weakness and indecision. No matter how much of the aforementioned qualities of goodness and fairness a Lover may possess, confidence will waiver if you don’t follow through with what you say. When it comes down to making a commitment, don’t flounder between points of contention. Make a decision and move forward with it. Good or bad, at least you’ll notice that you’re making a difference and you might even get something accomplished.

There are many ways to lock down your Conditional Fitness for Romance. Some of what we’ve covered may already be elsewhere on our site. But these reminders are a good way to enhance your good nature and remind your lover of your unending beauty and thoughtfulness.

1. Anthony Robbins Companies - Home Page Learn how ‘Unleash the Power Within’ will teach you to achieve your dreams and change your life. Follow along with Robbins as he takes participants and helps them face personal challenges. Click here to see a current listing for upcoming Tony Robbins events.

2. Threshold to Health at Natural Family Health Care - Forming Natural Health solutions and integrating whole life concepts and alternative, holistic healing. Practices include craniosacral therapy, healing of physical and emotional stress and pain, knowledge of joint dysfunction and manual therapy techniques, nutritional counseling, even traditional Chinese medicine (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs).

You can be the King or Queen of Your Lover’s world.



"I have found men who didn't know how to kiss.
I've always found time to teach them."
-- Mae West

Learning to be a great Lover is something both of you can aspire to do. Gaining a prolific talent at physically pleasing someone means you know when to ease up as well. Loving in just the right doses will raise you to legendary status and unconditional appreciation with your mate.

Did we mention that intimate communications help iron out difficulties in performance, issues scheduling time with each other (as if spontaneity had long since forgotten its place in your lives), changing compatibilities, physical prowess, sexual fitness, and intimate romance? Can asking for help to overcome physical hurdles can mean the ultimate survival of your relationship? Or is having to start your life all over again draining your soul to a helpless state of existence?

Maybe you’ve shared your day, so now maybe you want to share your bodies. Does it excite you to think that there are scores of opportunities to make love at any time as long as you’re willing to please each other in the process?

Do you realize that it’s not about how many times you have sex with your partner; it is about rewarding each other with the feelings of mutual pleasure to top off a great night or activity together?

If for nothing else, you can use the Blue Sun Romance site as something to talk over and think about during your day. For some, passion is easier to discuss on the phone because it offers privacy and often fills the void of boring conversation, especially if you’re calling from far, far away. It gives you an exciting topic to cover and you usually get mentally and physically stimulated at the same time. The final benefit is two-fold of course, the anticipation of intimate things to come, and the joy of actually making love when you do, at last, reach each other’s arms.

As you recognize the efforts your Lover has gone to in providing a marvelous dinner, cleaning the house from stem to stern, having fresh sheets ready in the bedroom with candles and soft music, then Love will definitely thrive in your hearts.

Pretend you are interviewing your Lover for a special job. Ask them, “Now, Baby, romantically speaking, tell me a little about your qualities as a great Lover.” Or you can say, “Now Darling, if I was going to take a Lover tonight, why should I pick you over all the others to fill that job?” Little reinforcements to our egos like this are always fun because the answers we get are usually directed point blank to us as a model.

There are many avenues to pursue your quest in becoming more passionately fit for each other. Sometimes it takes courage to overstep your boundaries once in a while. Do something physically outrageous if you’re usually reserved. When you’re with the one who loves you more than anyone else, what can it hurt to initiate love making in a covered parking garage at the mall? If you’re usually rambunctious with love, try taking on a more reserved approach.

Enjoy Each Other By Staying Healthy, And Romantically Fit. You Never Know When Love Will Call On You To Perform.

Check out the resources below with the knowledge that some Adult content is used to illicit specific reactions toward a passionate physical experience together. Keep in mind that your body is designed for pleasure and that you are worthy of being pampered, respected, free to give out intimate attention as well.

1. 1000s of Creative Romantic Ideas and Free Expert
1000s of creative romantic ideas on romance, dating tips, gift giving, date celebrations, marriage proposal stories, love letters, sex tips, poetry and more.

2. Romance: Romantic Ideas & Tips
A collection of love, romance and relationships resources including advice, poetry, quotes, dedications, chat, horoscopes, romantic ideas, message boards, ...

3.    Sex Coaching | Counseling | Sex Education 
Comprehensive information, resources, and practitioners for physical inhibition, and relationship issues. Become erotically empowered. Coaching is working together to help you connect with your body and erotic energy, live more passionately, be more intimate and loving.

For Adult Specific content or Professional Medical concerns please refer to your favorite internet search engine services, or your locally listed Family Marriage Counselor for assistance.

"Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition."
-- Alexander Smith

Indeed. Have fun searching through our BSR web pages and the other great resources we provide. Take loving quotes and intimate lyrics to heart, find your own path to loving someone you think is beautiful, build Romantic Fitness together, and learn countless other passionate expertise’ to get your hearts beating as one, and your souls flying together through the clouds - hand in hand.

Always Flying Together Hand in Hand.


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