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Languages of Love footsteps on beach

Blue Sun Romance Introduces - Languages for Love!

Enhancing Relationship Growth through the study and enjoyment of the World’s Language Arts

How many times have you traveled to a foreign country and wished you could have flirted with or complimented that beautiful man or woman who just crossed your path in their native language?

How many of you are in an International or Intercultural relationship and haven’t yet learned to sway or flatter your very own Partner enough to make their heart sing out loud for you in their dreams?

Have you ever considered how romantic it can be to speak another language to your Lover? Even if English is the only language they speak, and even though he or she might be unwilling to admit it, wouldn’t they love to hear from your lips, even once:

English: “My beautiful Love, you are so magnificent to me!”
Spanish: “Mi hermosa amor, tu eres tan magnifica mente mia!”
French: “Ma belle amour, vous êtes si magnifique pour moi!”
Italian: “Il mio Amore bello, si sono così magnifico per me!”
Arabic: “Entee Hubb-Bwee Al Jameal, Enti muta-el-aka Elee!”
Japanese: “Bokuno Utsukushii koibitoyo, Kimiwa honntouni sutekida!”

And there are literally hundreds of more languages from there….

How many of you English-only lovers have ever considered learning the basic elements of a romantic language - Together? Maybe you would like to prepare for that upcoming trip to the Rivera Maya, or Paris, or St. Petersburg, or Kenya? Sure, you can find English speakers in almost every country now, but the fun and excellence in communicating your needs or thoughts to a native speaker of a different land can be utterly exuberant.


Examine the resources we added below and get fresh with someone! Free Online Translation Software

The following On-line translators will help you with phrases, quotes, and innuendos to sway a lover straight into your arms.

1. Google Translate: Google's free online language translation service instantly translates text and web pages. This translator supports: English, Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, and more. Google translator tool.

2. Free Online Translator: Free Online Language Translation. Translates from English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean. www.worldlingo.coml.

3. Yahoo! Babel Fish - Text Translation and Web Page Translation.  Babel Fish provides free online text and web page language translation tools!

4. Free Translation and Professional - Translation Services from SDL
Find out how little professional translation can cost. Click2Translate is our leading online professional language translation site.

5. Fodor's Travel Guides | Living Language - Learn lots of useful phrases in Spanish. Just click the little circle next to Spanish and pick which topic you would like to learn.

Translation Programs Available Too!

Some of the easiest ways for you to learn a new language is to just dive right in. The following programs are available at most book stores nationwide, or you can purchase them online through the links provided with each Language Profile listed below. Work together with one romantic language of your choice, or split the efforts and each of you can learn the necessary basics to get around your relationship differences (if any), your community or work, or your world at large.

1. Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian and many others Online - Living Language is the foremost name in the field of foreign language self- study, and since 1946, millions have learned to speak, read, and write a new language of their choice.

2. Learn Foreign Languages with Rosetta Stone - Rosetta Stone is the world's #1 language-learning software. Their comprehensive foreign language program provides language learning for individuals at all levels. The fastest way to learn a new language! It's fun and effective with award-winning. Rosetta Stone software.

The Beauty of Learning a Language…

Can Win the Hearts of Plenty!

When you consider that the English language may very well become a minority language sometime within the next 50 years, you could benefit by becoming fluent from only a few minutes a day of dedicated practice. Whereas Spanish and Chinese will undoubtedly carry a greater future to them through economics, culture, and international travel, you can prepare yourself romantically by mastering one language every 5 years as a lifetime edict. Think about that. In 25 years, you could be fluent in many languages.

If you learn just a single word each day for a year, you could have hundreds of words with which to form structure and conversational opportunities. You can win love, earn respect, and build an excellent image for yourself. This of course, could mean a more enhanced relationship with your significant best if he or she happens to be from a foreign land!

By speaking to your Lover in wonderful phrases, or the surprise they’ll get when you order your dinners in the language of the cultural setting you’ve chosen for the night, you will have more than just their good impression waiting for you when the lights go down at evenings end…

You will have love!

So, get out there and tackle something new. You’ll be alright, and your Lover will notice your efforts right away. Pretty soon they will want to join in the pleasure of creating their own delicious romances, maybe saying to you in their newly fashioned, sweetest French,

Je veux faire l'amour à vous ce soir.”

Or, … as we say in our most sincere and pleasant English,

I want to make Love to you tonight!


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