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How we met stories footsteps on beach
Inspire your own passions by reading how Romance Began for people from all over the world. Take heart from those who have come before you, remembering that there’s a man or woman somewhere in the world just waiting for you to love.

Many loving Couples have fresh, imaginative approaches to finding the love of their lives – and they do so in the most unsuspecting places. Blue Sun Romance’s ‘How We Met’ stories are just some of the many unique ways Lovers begin passion and romance in their relationships. Though sometimes ordinary methods prevail, we all start building lives and memories with someone new once the process begins. It’s the ‘How’ and ‘Why’ things get started that we hope to pleasantly convey for you on this page.

To add your own fun and valued input, a submissions option is at the bottom of this page for people to place their own ideas for “How We Met.” Send us a unique encounter. Spend mutual love on yourselves tonight! You really deserve it.


Much like the stories we list below; you too may have a funny anecdote to share that sparked a loving relationship. Like the people who find each other on a whim and hold on for dear life, take heart! It can happen to you anywhere and any time. Long-standing couples have typically united through their love and feelings for each other as sometimes part of destiny, sometimes luck. But the greatest passions are always a story of people and Love!

Summer 1977:
I was sitting low behind the wheel of my ’76 Merc’, just coming off a miserable date near Santa Ana when I slid past a girl in a yellow VW heading up the Long Beach freeway at 01:30 in the morning. The road was virtually deserted and I glanced over at her and she looked back at me. Hmmm, ‘kind of cute, I thought. Then again, who was going to hook up with me at this late hour at 65 mph? My night was already a bust so I better just as well get my fanny home and off to bed. I kept cruising and didn’t think any more about her. Time slipped by and I was mesmerized by the lights and waves of pavement I was gobbling up along the way. All of the sudden I realized that she had set into my blind spot and had stayed there for maybe ten minutes before I noticed her again. Whoa! I took a second look and she moved up closer to me with her window rolled down. She was looking at me so I rolled mine down and hollered above the noise, “Hello!” I said. She smiled and replied right back. Pretty soon we were yelling about who- knows-what and we had slowed to about 40 mph side by side. I asked for her phone number and she gave it via hand signals in the dark on the freeway, and I mimicked to her that I would call. When I looked into my rear view mirror to catch my bearings, I hadn’t noticed, but there was a California Highway Patrol cruiser looming directly behind us. He didn’t do anything and Beverly and I slid out of the fast lanes to build our speed back up (on our deserted L.A. Freeway), and we let him by. After that, we smiled and waved goodnight to each other and tracked closely together for another few minutes up into Santa Monica where she peeled off for the night. I called her about a week later and we found that our physical and mental chemistry was magnificent together. She was a beautiful chapter in my loving history!

~ B. Wasaluk, Santa Monica, CA

August 1978: Paris France.
The Eiffel Tower overlooked a classic Parisian skyline. The orange, clay roof tiles and little smoke tubes littered every rooftop for as far as the eye could see. There was quite a crowd up there on that thrilling afternoon and as I moved through groups of them I bumped into this pretty, vibrant blond, just about my match in age at 22, or 23. Off the cuff, I looked into her eyes and spoke openly, “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve seen this whole vacation and I bet you don’t speak a word of English.” I raised my eyebrows and added a sigh with fading emphasis, “Ah, Mon’ Cherie.” (Back in those innocent days, you didn’t run into just everybody who had a striking command of the language, which of course only added to the romance of it all.) Still, looking at her like she was oblivious to what I was saying I finished off, “But I’d love to take your picture up here at this beautiful spot, and I’d only tell my buddies we hung out.”

She watched me brightly, seeming to peer into my eyes as well and finally she said, “I speak perfect English, from Minnesota, thank you very much! You can take my picture right over here, if you like.”

Wow, what a surprise. I cackled something about not realizing I might have offended her in any way and she said, “Of course not, you’re funny.” She posed right there and I took her picture which I still have to this very day. I shook my head and smiled as she trotted off with her family to enjoy the rest of her afternoon views. I went toward my own spot at the Tower’s railed edge and just breathed in the fresh air and cool afternoon breeze. A couple of minutes later and again to my surprise, she tapped me on the shoulder and asked if she could take MY picture, which I presumed were for her own vacation memories. ‘Why sure, Honey!’ I thought. We exchanged the sweetest of smiles and before we parted again, she gave me her hotel name and asked if I wanted to meet her in the lobby at 7:00pm the following night. We wound up spending the next few days wandering the beautiful streets of Paris together. We contacted each other for more rendezvous’ back in the states and I married her two years later. We’ve been together for 31 years since, and you never know where a little quip with a girl overlooking sweet Paris might lead you in the end.

~ Ken and Audrey Fields, Duluth, MN.

July 2005:
Being an instructor at a Skydiving center in the mid-west, I had just debriefed a fledgling student when I saw this very lovely woman sauntering through the hanger with a jumpsuit draped over her shoulder and long blonde hair waving in the breeze. The next thing I know, manifest was introducing her to me as my next student in the line-up. Well, it didn’t take more than a few minutes to know I was affectionately in trouble with this one. But a few weekends later she graduated her course and I mustered up the courage to ask her out. Immediately she said, “No!” She was busy, she said. Well, okay then. I suppose it is better to get shot down early than be strung along and flop later in front of my peers, (Skydivers will rib you forever on stuff like that). I apologized for assuming that she might not be attached to somebody and figured that was it. She said, ‘No, she wasn’t attached, and though she really was busy the night I asked, she would love to go out another time.’ Oh my, did that open the door for us in a big way. We’re together now and roaming the world, lofty and happy!

~ Byron and Lisa, Ft. Collins, CO


Now, Your Heartwarming Thrills are Next!

Here’s an excellent opportunity for telling us about your amazing ‘Our Romance Began’ stories for the BSR website. We've added a submission link that will be fun for you to do. We will gather stories from around the world on how loving partners joined up in passion and thrills. Once again, YOU can contribute your own great stories to the content of this site.

Lovers on the beachWhat special, magical lore generated the fireworks between you and your mate? Don’t be shy, we’re looking for your honest input here, and we’re eager to list good stories for Blue Sun Romance.

The actual exercise is to put your ‘How We Met’ experience down for submission. You can share anything from a unique dinner night out, to a drive down the freeway. Embellish the actual event as it occurred and why it has stuck to your heart. Please limit your story to 500 words.

One note about your name; you can send your idea with full name(s) and city if you want, (Rob & Suzi McCarthy, Ogden, UT), You can use your first name with your city or state added if you like, (Paul, Dallas, TX). Or add your first name with last initial, and city or state if that works instead (Avery G, Pomona, NY). Lastly, you may always request to place your writing ‘Anonymously’, or send your ‘How We Met’ tale signed with nothing at all, your choice.

But by all means, have fun with this, and at the same time, teach us what Love can be like again.

Take a few moments to really gather your ideas then send them to us on the link provided below. Here Goes!

Submit Your Own How We Met Ideas for Blue Sun Romance at:

Live Well, Laugh Often, Never Love Enough!


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