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Great Date Ideas

Welcome to Blue Sun Romance’s GREAT DATE IDEAS!

RestaurantStimulate your passions through dating intimacy and enrichment.  Grow closer together from sharing your hearts and minds in a new locale’.  Create imaginative, fresh experiences in your marriage from BSR’s great date ideas for romance.  Start building unique memories, sincerity, and joy again.  Spend mutual love on yourselves tonight!

Blue Sun Romance’s ‘Great Date Ideas’ are wonderful elements to build and improve on your relationship foundations.  Great Dates inspire passion, loving togetherness, and a creative nature for the unimagined, undiscovered life you’ve always known was there.  It’s going to be fun to follow new scenarios that favor strengthening your loving relationships.  It’s going to be inspiring to find hope and passion again in your lives.

Below, we have a reflective article about the Top 10 Dating Rules!  As this caters to more of the first date rituals, BSR will add our two-cent’s worth to each Rule if we think a closer look is warranted for clarity or satisfaction.  So, as we’ve mentioned before, hold on tight because here we go!

The Top 10 Dating Rules!

(Source:, Jill and Amber Kelleher. )

1. Don't Give Up - The more people you meet and date, the better your chances are of finding the right one. 

BSR – If you’ve been with someone longer than a first date, and things seem to click between you two, stick it out for a while.  Don’t go into every relationship with the idea that you’re going to change that person; but rather, enjoy the novelty of that new man or woman until you’re sure this person is either someone you could love for a long time (quite possibly the rest of your life), or maybe you find that they’re just better suited for someone else.  It’s okay to move forward.  Stay smart about looking for love.  Don’t be foolish about every pretty face, but don’t quit altogether simply because your heart gets broken every now and then.

2. Be Positive - Nothing is more attractive than someone who is passionate and excited about their own life!

BSR – But like the consideration for others you’ve learned over the years (and hopefully from within this site) be careful not to monopolize the evening trying to impress your new ‘Someone Special’.  Everybody is excited about their own life, but if you’ve been doing all the talking so far, you may have to study this person a bit to learn how to draw out their own excitement.  Opening up and being receptive to learning about your new date, can be very stimulating and in turn, encourage an ultimate Romance together.  Again, changing into a positive state at the snap of a finger and being enthusiastic as opposed to slumped in the doldrums, can be a very romantic benefit.

3. Always look your best - Even if it doesn't work out with your date, they might know someone perfect for you.

BSR – Even if the Date feels like being ‘Comfy – Casual’, showing up well groomed with clean clothes and nice hair, impresses upon your date that you respect and like being with them.  People want to feel good about who they’re with on a date.  Even if they can’t figure this out for themselves, someone else may notice the care you took to get ready and want you instead.  Dress for success on your date and you just might get to fall asleep in someone’s arms.

4. Never talk about marriage - Don't talk about how everyone you know is married with babies, etc. This makes you sound desperate.

BSR – This is better suited for further into your relationship.  Besides, have a few ‘subject starters’ in your repertoire before you show up for a date.  This way, when moments turn quiet (and you’re not eating dinner), you can interject other things to talk about that will initiate sparkling conversation.

5. Don't Talk About Your Ex - If you are asked it, say something simple like, "It just didn't work out," and move on. Too much information too soon can backfire. Save the details for later when and if you know each other better.

BSR – Agreed.  You may inadvertently divulge a side of you that you’ve been trying to recover from for years, and thus far you have accomplished this task with respect and honor.  But your new Date may pick up something about your marital reflection that they think might be a train wreck waiting to happen. 

6. Be Nice to the Waiter - Men and women mention this to us all the time! If your date is rude and demanding in the restaurant on a first date, one can only imagine how they behave in private.

BSR – Being polite to people displays more than just kindness in public settings.  It tells others around you that you are tolerant and appreciative of those less fortunate than you.  It says that you realize most of us are simply doing the best we can, and as humans, we all make mistakes sometimes.   Consider that a waiter or other service worker is laboring – often very hard - during the hours you are dining and relaxing with loved ones.  Sensitivity toward their plight should remind you that they have families too and would probably like being with them more than busing tables or taking customer complaints.  Tip them well for the same reason: Without nice restaurants and happy staff, we wouldn’t have our duties to woo and coo our Lovers for the sweet desserts to come.  

7. Be a Good Listener - Make eye contact while listening and ask questions. People love to talk about themselves - especially men!

BSR – ‘Listening is the Magnet of Love’.  When you have an intelligible conversation with your Date, sparks and curiosity begin to immerge.  You can respond in real time to what your Lover has expressed.  They feel you care about their stories, they take smaller risks opening up their soul to you.  Listening from the heart plays a big role in the success of a Great Dating Adventure.

8. Don't Hog the Conversation - This one speaks for itself!

BSR – Again, being a good listener and staying alert for responsive, empowering communications will award you with a surprisingly wonderful time.  As your partner is hopefully respectful of the same, this makes your outing together worthy of sincere appreciation and love.  As well, you can improve your long standing marriage or relationship by offering your Lover equal responses within the stimulating framework of generous and eager discussions.

9. Don't drink too much - There is no bigger turn-off and if you drink too much, you might break rule No. 10 which is...

BSR – To imbibe a little for atmosphere, say an elegant candle dinner with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon, can add to the better part of a pleasurable date.  And bluntly the opposite: To drink to excess can ruin your relationship, your health, and even your life.  Alcohol borders between the saintly festivities of the Angels, and Public Enemy Number One!  Those who know better understand that not drinking alcohol whatsoever promotes mental clarity and physical awareness, it enhances driver’s safety, and it completely readies your intimate excitement as the night wears on.

10. Keep your pants on - Absolutely no sex on the first date!

BSR – This of course is subjective, depending on the couple.  But when in doubt, chivalry is your best ingredient for keeping your physical intimacy at bay.  Dole out a simple kiss on the cheek and a gracious ‘Thank You’ for the Great Date together, then head home.  You will know by your evening’s outcome if the man or woman you are with is worth the wait.  Don’t be so anxious to have sex that you miss the real prize instead – a Great Person underneath the fears of dating anew.


Presented next are the Great Date examples which will guide and foster a growing Intimacy between long standing couples and their love and feelings for each other.

A Night of Dreams:  Find out when there is a full moon overhead and pick the perfect spot from where to view it.  Choose a place that you have to drive to but not too close - somewhere private or semi-private (but safe!).  Put a couple of blankets and pillows in the car along with a couple of glasses and something nice to drink that’s appropriate... (Remember, you’re driving with precious cargo), perhaps a thermos of hot cocoa if it’s chilly, or your favorite strawberry smoothie mixed and ready to pour.  Tell your Date or Lover you are taking them for a little drive (it doesn't have to be a long date....sometimes "quickies" can be very nice!). Hold your lover's hand while you drive to your destination. When you get there spread out a blanket and the pillows for comfort and lay back and enjoy your evening’s moon.  Hopefully there will be the added benefits of city lights and a lovely view below, or maybe a few interesting, streaming clouds way up high.  Who knows, you may get lucky and glimpse a shooting star.  (Don't forget to make a wish!)  Ask your lover about his or her dreams as you lay close together staring up into the heavens.  Tell stories about yourself or whatever you want to share about your dreams.  Discuss what you hope for in life, what you want to accomplish, maybe what you need....anything.  Just share your gentle thoughts with an unconditional acceptance of each other's hearts and wishes.  If you want to, you could even share each other under the full moon!  Discreetness may be in order here, but that’s what the extra blanket is for.  Touch, kiss, dream, and love.

Mutual Massage:  Get a book at the library on massage techniques. Find some tantalizing, relaxing, or sensual massage oils and try out some massage techniques on your partner. Anything from a back or foot massage done while watching a TV show or a movie, or a (naked, silky) full body massage just before bath or bedtime, can be a novelty neither of you will forget.
Motorcycle Rides:  There's nothing quite like a nice ride on a motorcycle on a beautiful sun shiny day.  Whether you’re riding through majestic mountain passes or along never ending coastlines or anywhere in between, it’s both exhilarating and relaxing bringing you closer to that special person either guiding the way or hanging on tight from behind.  Packing a nice picnic lunch would be a romantic option as well. If you don't own a motorcycle but have a motorcycle license you can rent one; Harley Davidson has a great rental program nationwide.  Fly somewhere unique to you both and then rent a bike to ride a day or more through undiscovered scenery.  Your partner will be thoroughly surprised at your imaginative approach to loving her for a few nights away from home.  And believe me, you will be loved!

Pottery Sculpting Dates:  What’s more sexy then smearing wet clay between each other’s fingers, molding your love with your hands into each other’s hearts?  In most towns, there are Pottery studios that cater to you coming in and creating your own masterful works of art.  They have template figurines you can paint and have fired in their kilns, or just go it on your own and mold a statue, or spin a potter’s wheel to form a beautiful fruit dish, or anything that you think will please your mate.  But when you go to these studios and get to play together in the ‘mud’, special feelings develop as your creations start to take their form.  You are making something with your hands for your Lover, and the mutual appreciation for this is incredible.  Try this on a nice Saturday afternoon and your evening will have quite a loving finish to be sure.  Warren P., Cerritos, CA

"Fred and Ginger":  Look into taking dance lessons together.  Many city recreation centers offer reasonable rates on group dance lessons, be it ballroom, Latin, country, or even hip hop.  Dancing together can be a real relationship builder if you don't take it too seriously.  Ladies, don't expect your man to be perfect, he has a lot to think about as a leader.  It is a hard job and DO let Him lead!  Guys, remember that your usual stride is long, manly, and proportioned to your height.  Do not dance that way and expect your woman to keep up! You should match her stride and what is comfortable for her.  Remember she is going backwards much of the time.  As with any great relationship there should also be a lot of give and take in dancing.  Besides this, dancing is a great workout as well – so pace yourselves!

Fred Astaire Dance Studios - Latin, Smooth, Social, Salsa, Swing. Fred Astaire Dance Studios provides instruction in ballroom, swing, salsa, latin, wedding, and other specialty dance techniques. Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Text Box:  Body Painting For Couples:  Body Painting is not only sensual but great fun too. You get naked and make a masterpiece of each others bodies using either special paints or even food products.  The lure of body painting is in the sensual, all over the body touching and the artistic expression involved. The painting can be done on any part of the body wanted and can be as simple or intricate as you like.  Of course if food is used as paint then it can be licked or eaten off so make sure it tastes good. Take care what else is used to paint with, it should be made for use on the skin and it is recommended that you test anything first to ensure that you won’t get an allergic reaction.  What you’ll need: old sheets to lie on, paints, food, or body paint brushes, sponges or more imaginative applicators - a wet cloth could be handy.  Google Body Paints and find studios or supply stores nearest you. 

Try as well, Kama Sutra Lover's Paint BoxA chocolate lover's fantasy come true.

Home Day:  How about a date at home?  Make it an all day Date.  Plan it from the moment you wake up, like some early morning loving and then a sweet breakfast together in bed (prepared the night before, like strawberries and pancakes).  Make some love, the watch a movie.  Make some more love and take in another movie.  Shower or take a hot bubble bath, then, you guessed it, more loving, another movie, and never get dressed the whole day.  Just be naked and loving and lazy all day long – together!

Lazy Bike Afternoon:  Take a Day off from work and rent bicycles for a trip to a favorite riding route around your city’s river route, City Lake, or pedestrian walk.  Ride to different shops exploring new places, have lunch in a restaurant you’ve never been, ride a little more, then have desert in another place altogether.  Once back home, shower up in tandem, order in a pizza for dinner – to make up for all that exercise you just accomplished - then settle in for a nice romantic movie (see our BSR list of movie favorites).  Greg W., Apple Valley, CA.  

Mud Runs:  How about a Mud Run with your Lover.  There couldn’t be more excitement and adventure for two people than getting up to your necks in filthy, beautiful mud.  Mud Runs are taking hold as a great national pastime for couples who want something more than just a usual date on the town.  With challenging courses and obstacles to pull each other through, struggling to finish the course together is a motivating and loving touch to a happy couple’s relationship.  The only thing better than accomplishing a 5 or 10 K Mud Run is the showery cleanup together afterwards.  Visit Google or  to locate a mud run nearest you.

For the Great Date Ideas tied to our pamphlet – Lasting Intimate Secrets, follow this link to learn more:  Blue Sun Romance LovE-Store


Now It’s Your Turn…

Here’s another excellent opportunity for generating Great Date Ideas for the BSR website,  We've added a ‘Great Dates’ submission link that I believe will be fun to do.  We will gather perspectives from around the world on how to please a loving partner, you simply model these ideas and get each other in the mood for romance.  Once again, YOU can contribute to the content of our site.

Surely in your relationships there have been times when you’ve shared dating experiences worth keeping in your memory forever!   We want you to jot down a few Great Dates of your own to help other people get the idea of what they can do to enhance their experiences with their Lovers.

Look into the aspects of a passionate romance you’re currently in, or one you’ve had in the past.  What is it about these relationships that glued you to your mate?  How did you keep the fires burning and enjoyable for all your months or years?  What Special Dates have you experienced that created the magic of a lifetime?

Couple on beach Don’t be shy, we’re looking for your honest input here, and only the best will do for Blue Sun Romance.

The actual exercise is to think up Great Date Ideas and put them down for submission onto this site.  You can share anything from a unique dinner night out, to a trip to the Zoo in the rain.  Put down a favorite dream or actual date you’ve been on that has always stuck to your heart.

One note about your name; you can send your idea with full name(s) and city if you want, (Rob & Suzi Jones, Denver), You can use your first name with your city or state added if you like, (Paul, Dallas, TX).  Or add your first name with last initial, and city or state if wanted (Avery G, Pomona, NY).  Lastly, you may always request to place your writing ‘Anonymously’, or send your Great Date Idea signed with nothing at all, your choice.

By all means, have fun with this, but at the same time, teach us something that might save our own struggling romance in the process. 

Take a few moments to really gather your ideas then send them to us on the link provided below.  Here Goes!

Submit Your Own Great Date Ideas for Blue Sun Romance at:

300 Creative Dates
Lastly – if you’re still after the Best Dating Ideas ever!  Check out our Friend, Michael Webb and his wonderful book, 300 Creative Dates


Live Well, Laugh Often, Love A Lot!



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