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About  Blue Sun Romance and Byron Dormire

byronThe ultimate goal for passion in life is Experience.  Not to assert that any one person has more than anybody else in the world, just that we should thrive on sharing things with others as we journey along the path.  To Travel and explore new lands, or to seek Adventure and grow from its rewards, or to make passionate, heartfelt Romance with the love of our life helps to diversify and expand ourselves as decent human beings.  As a Voyager and Consummate Romantic, Byron Dormire has lived in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  He holds two degrees, has authored 3 books, and writes interesting, fulfilling pieces on love, adventure, and travel.  He has created to help couples understand the need to fulfill and renew intimacy, passion, and togetherness in their romantic lives again.

Mr. Dormire is based out of Northern Colorado.  He has worked teaching Freefall Skydiving and Leadership Development to thousands of area college students.  In thirty years of parachuting, he has inspired thousands of first jump course graduates, competed in U.S. National Parachuting Championships, and jumped for hundreds of skydiving performances throughout the U.S. National Airshow and Stadium Bowlgame circuits.

Currently, Byron videos 4-way freefall, has logged over 5000 skydives, is a Private Pilot, and has climbed a dozen U.S. mountain peaks over 14000 ft, including Whitney, Rainier, and numerous Colorado summits.  His love for trekking and climbing takes him to majestic rendezvous all over the world.  His wandering spirit transcends a host of other exciting activities as well.  Each year he sponsors an annual motorcycle ride throughout the most serene highways in America. 

This website works toward improving relationships and compiles thoughts and challenges to enlighten couples with passion, honesty, and understanding.  You will find many loving, intimate and sometimes erotic highlights addressed throughout the BSR website.  There are romantic LovE-Store readings, including Lasting Intimate Secrets, by William and Dionna Jorgensen, Poetry by Juan Ladero, a Peruvian poetic artist, and finally a bank of Intimate Love Letters, fit to lead you into any romantic endeavor.

Blue Sun Romance: Inspiring Love, Renewing Passionate Affections, and Having Intimate Fun.

Text Box:          Byron, Rocky Mountain National Park, 2008    Mr. Dormire knows from experience that there are thousands of couples who have lost the spunk and passionate connections they need to keep their relationships intact.  He has witnessed their spirits, chivalry, and mutual appreciations for each other take back seats to the pressures of everyday life.  We all have things to do in our world, but keeping the fun and sensuous sparks alive in our romance and renewing our desire for each other can always swell and replenish our soul … Each and every day of the Year!

To promote amorous ideas for intimate harmony with any loving partner Blue Sun Romance combines tips for traveling together into far away lands, finding the courage to explore new cultures and diverse people, and to never stop trying to be the best person you can for your mate.  BSR shows you how to be better lovers together using the Keys To Intimacy and other tools listed inside the site to romance your Sweetheart unlike anything you may have experienced before.

We know that without an ever-renewable and dedicated commitment to Love in our relationships – from both of your perspectives – people can grow tired of romance, or even bored with each other over time, turning love and intimacy into an often dreaded, dispassionate chore. The need for a romantic connection with patience, understanding, and eager imagination is what helps us call out to our lovers for more.

Blue Sun Romance and Byron Dormire are here to change your romantic world by boosting your relationship connections and enhancing your loving, passionate awareness. 

The Blue Sun Mission:

Build Intimate, Kindred Spirits and Loving Hearts -
Together in Fun, Love, Travel, and Understanding!


As the saying goes

Live Well, Laugh often, Love Much!



Blue Sun Romance gladly donates a percentage of proceeds
 from this website to help Spinal Cord Injury Research through
The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.
Go Forward!


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